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Lure BB: The Road Home: Chapters One and Two

Title: The Road Home
Author: Marsabi
Summary: AU. Reid and Luke have been happily married for years, but they are currently separated. A past tragedy has ripped them apart, but can a wedding in Vegas and a forced road trip bring them back together?
Warning: This has some definite triggers for sensitive readers. Due to plot spoilers, I do not want to state exactly the nature of these triggers, but if you have specific questions, please feel free to PM me on it. Thanks!
Rating: NC-17

Author’s note: Well, this story truly took a village! I wanted to thank my LRO friends for encouraging me and giving me some of the ideas for the road. I tried to use as many as possible. To my friends at LJ, thanks for the fun polls over there that kept me inspired. More specifically, I wanted to thank nancygrew, my humor-beta, and cindergal for her early help with this fic. A huge shout out of thanks to writergirl and traciamc, too! I was loosely inspired by Kristan Higgen’s book My One and Only. It made me want to write a Lure road trip story. Last but not least, for the fantastic art, I sincerely thank sripley!

For so many reasons, this one is for traciamc

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