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The Last Doughnut Part 7
Title: The Last Doughnut
Author: Marsabi
Summary: When Damian disinherits Luke, can he survive in the “real” world? Will he drive Reid crazy in the process?
Disclaimer: Owned by ATWT
Rating: PG- NC-17 (depends on chapter)
Warning: ANGST
A companion to Camp Queer
Thanks traciamc for the read
Previous Chapter:

Part 7 Homecomings

“Here’s one of my favorite people in the whole world!” The voice boomed. His grandmother opened up her arms and Luke embraced her.

“Tell me, darling, tell me everything I missed this summer with you.”

Slowly, Luke told his grandmother about his summer. Luke’s eyes searched Lucinda’s as he said the word “gay,” and her hawk-like gaze held his and never wavered as he told her about the money, and about Reid.

Afterwards Lucinda frowned, “You know, whatever you need from me is fine. Money for school, money to live. It’s yours.”

Luke shifted in his seat. “Thanks, grandmother. But I want to do this alone. Stand on my own two feet. Dad’s letting me stay at the farm rent free, and that’s enough. I’m paying him back through chores and helping with the horses. The rest is up to me. “

“But a waiter? Working for that Henry Coleman? I can give you a job here. At Worldwide.”

“No,” Luke stubbornly shook his head. “It’d still be a gift. Besides, I honestly hate marketing and all of that. I am relieved not to be in Grimaldi shipping or any other business.”

“Fair enough,” Lucinda said. “And good for you darling!” She gave him a pat on his knee. “Be independent! I was. Nobody gave me a damn thing. I went out there and I took it!”

They smiled at each other.

“Now, “ Lucinda commanded, “tell me about your fella –Dr. Oliver.”

Luke blushed. “I think you’d like Reid, “ Luke said shyly “you’re a lot alike.”

“Really? “Lucinda cackled. “Poor man.”

“He’s great,” Luke went on, unaware of how dreamy his face was, “He is strong and honest. Maybe to a fault, but …” Then Luke looked at his grandmother, “It- you don’t mind- hearing about him? “

Lucinda shook off his worries with a wave of her hand, “Having a gay grandson is quite fashionable these days. “ She smiled. “Besides, you were a little too good there before, my sweetheart, this gives you just a little bit of edge.” She teased him. “Although, “ she swept her eyes over Luke’s outfit, “I’d have thought coming out of the closet would have improved your wardrobe.”

Glancing down at his striped shirt and jeans, Luke pulled at them self-consciously.

“Maybe I should get some new things?”

“Yes,“ Lucinda beamed, “We’ll go shopping , Impress our doctor boyfriends. “

Luke laughed, “Please don’t suggest we double date, grandmother, I don’t think I’m quite ready for that.”

“You are excused,” she wagged a finger at him, “for now. “ Then she smiled and said, “It’s good to see you happy. See that beautiful face smile!” She reached out and pinched Luke’s cheeks.

Luke shifted, “I am happy. But mom won’t like your taking my side.”

“She and I are always fighting,” Lucinda shrugged, “no matter.”

She gave Luke a measured look, “Lily is on her way home right now,” Lucinda added. “ She is putting Faith at boarding school today and then flying here with Ethan and Natalie. Did you know that?”

Luke shrugged, “Nobody called and told me,” he said. He swallowed back his hurt. He was now an outsider, looking in at his family. He tried to imagine talking with his mother, sharing anything with her. His mind could only go back to the 4th of July party and her face at his confession that day. The way she’d moved past him as if he no longer existed, and had rushed out of the barn.

“And Damian?” Luke asked, gulping hard now. Would his father even want to see him?

“No” Lucinda replied slowly, “He’s staying in Malta a few more weeks.”

Luke couldn’t help being relieved. He rubbed his sweaty palms up and down his pants.

“I know,“ Lucinda said suddenly, “let’s call her.”


“Your mother. Enough is enough! Let me talk some sense into her right now.”

“Grandmother-“ Luke protested, but Lucinda was already dialing.

Luke caught his lip between his teeth and waited. He couldn’t help the hopeful look in his eyes.

“It’s mother, darling,” Lucinda began, “And I’m sitting here with Luke. He’d like to talk to you and –“

Lucinda frowned and said, “Lily- don’t be an idiot.”

Luke turned away, wrapping his arms around himself.

He barely listened as Lucinda tried again and again to talk to Lily, or when she snapped, “Darling –you’re a fool! Aren’t you the one always accusing me of interfering? Of butting into your choices? And now here you are, making the same mistakes! Hello? Hello!”

Lucinda stared at Luke, a bit shocked. Lily had been so cold and inflexible.

“She hung up,” Luke said, and he brushed away a stray tear with the heel of his hand.

“I’m sorry, Darling. Maybe when you see each other at the farm later? She’s taking the kids there and –“

“Maybe,” Luke’s voice was flat.

“Forget it. Forget her ,” Lucinda forced a big smile at him, she hated seeing the pain in her grandson’s eyes, “ Let’s go shop!”

“Thanks Grandmother,” Luke replied softly, “but another time.”


After doing some errands around town and trying without success to see Reid, Luke went home to tend to the horses.

At the farm, the limo was parked out front and he knew it right away – his mother’s car.
Lucinda had been right. She was back.

He reluctantly forced himself to walk into the house. The first thing Luke saw were his siblings eating at the kitchen table.

“Look at you guys!” Luke exclaimed, suddenly feeling happy. He was so glad to see them! He went over to Natalie and Ethan to hug them.

“Hi, “ Natalie answered stiffly, not returning his warm hug.

Luke looked into her small face and saw her eyes were cold and unsure.

“Luke! “ Ethan said smiling, he opened his tiny arms. He was so innocent. Luke breathed in his boyish smell. He hugged his brother, wanting to cry.

“Ethan!” A sharp voice said, “Come away.”

“Why?” Ethan asked.

Lily just shook her head. “Go see your father upstairs. Our visit here is almost over.”

Natalie and Ethan went to Holden’s room. Lily and Luke stared at each other across the kitchen table.

“Mom,” Luke finally said softly.

Lily just shook her head. She had Luke’s eyes color. They had the same shaped mouth and chin. But as Luke looked at his mother, he felt like he was looking at a stranger.

“What’d you tell them?” He said hoarsely, “What did you say to Natalie about me?’

Lily shrugged, “We just told her you’re making bad decisions lately, and were not to be trusted right now. “ She glared at him , “We certainly didn’t tell her the disgusting details.”

“Enough , Lily!” Holden entered the room. He walked over and put a protective hand on Luke.

“No , it isn’t enough ,” Lily snapped. Soon they were in a bitter argument over him. Luke’s eyes looked toward the stairs, and he prayed Natalie and Ethan couldn’t hear. It wasn’t fair to them. They were so young and they depended on their parents being kind to each other.His parents fought back and forth.

Luke could not make himself speak. He just sat there and watched the ugliness.

Until finally, he found the strength to get up and walk out to the porch. As he listened to them, Luke thought maybe he should try and fix it. He hugged his arms around his waist. He could hear them yelling some more. They were all pulling at each other, his whole family was being split down the middle. Because of him. Luke covered his hands over his eyes.

“This is because of you.”

Luke whirled around at the sound of his mother’s voice. He had not heard Lily join him on the porch.

“I’m so disappointed in you, Luke,” she was saying.

Just months ago, Luke would have caved into that tone, given in to the let down on her face.
Just months ago, he’d been deeply in the closet, trying so hard to please her and Damian.

“I’m disappointed in you too,” Luke heard himself say. To think he’d been about to try and apologize her. Luke narrowed his eyes. He was done with that. Just months ago, he’d been a scared boy. But now he was growing up. He was a man. And he had Reid.

“It’s that man,” Lily said, the words spit out at Luke, like it caused her pain to say them. “He’s done this to you. I wish you’d never met him.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him that the next time we kiss,” Luke answered.

Lily gasped.

Luke own eyes widened with surprise; he’d never spoken to her quite so bluntly.

Then slowly Luke smiled; it felt damn good. He pressed against the screen door and held it open for Lily.

“Goodbye Mom,” he said.

She brushed past him without another word.

After she left, Luke sank to his knees for a moment. The victorious feeling had faded, and he felt the sting of losing her, losing so many people he loved. Luke inhaled a deep breath. But he wasn’t going to take the blame for it. Not anymore. He just wasn’t.


After a long shower, Luke showed up at Al’s to work the dinner rush. Henry and Vienna had called and asked him if he minded coming in on his day off. They had some kind of unexpected, big date night planned. Luke was happy to agree. Reid was supposed to work the late shift, and he really did not want to stay at the farm and look at Holden’s sad eyes. His dad’s pain at the situation was his pain too.

Now Al’s was almost empty. The supper crowd had come and gone. The hour was getting late. Even the cook, who was sick with a bad cold, had taken off, after Luke had urged him to leave and feel better. There were only two tables left anyhow, an older man who was eating a burger at a snail’s pace, and a table of rowdy college boys. Luke had served the boys before, and had endured their spitballs and lousy tip. He wasn’t too happy that they were back. He glanced at the clock. Only another hour and he could lock up for the night.

“Hey there,” Reid said, coming down the stairs, dressed in scrubs.

They had not seen each other all day. Luke had wanted to run over to him, after the scene with Lily, but Reid had been preoccupied on the phone with some kind of problem at work. Then he had needed to go and sleep between his shifts. Luke’s eyes swept over him hungrily. He looked so good. Luke had missed him so much.

For his part, Reid was in a hurry to get to work. He had just argued with Bob over the phone about another complaint against him. Supposedly, Reid had failed to write down the correct post-op procedure for his patient, which Reid insisted was ridiculous. Bob thought he had made a simple mistake. Reid told Bob he didn’t make mistakes, simple or otherwise. He was impatient to get to Memorial and clear the whole mess up.

“Are you going in for the entire night?” Luke was asking him now.

“Looks likely. You can crash at my place if you want though.”


Reid shrugged. “Sure. Why should you drive all the way back to the farm?”

Luke’s face lit up like Reid had just offered him a trip to Disney World.

“Thanks!” He put down the tray he’d been holding and gave Reid an impulsive hug.

Luke just wanted to hold his boyfriend, to touch him. He ran a finger along Reid’s jaw. He longed to tell Reid about Lily and their fight, but he figured it would have to wait. He buried his face a moment in the crook of Reid’s neck. Then, when Luke felt Reid’s arms wrap around him, he lifted up his face to Reid’s and gave him an open-mouthed kiss.

Reid returned his kiss with surprise. Luke was usually still shy about that sort of thing in public.

When they broke apart, Luke was grinning at him.

“What was that for?” Reid asked.

“I don’t know. Just cause.”

Reid smiled at him. “I suddenly wish I didn’t have to go to work.”

“Me too,” Luke said. Then he shrugged, “But we can talk when you get back.”

“Sure,” Reid answered as Luke walked him to the door of Al’s, “Talking was exactly what I was planning to do with you.”

Luke laughed and watched Reid until he disappeared. Then he turned and settled the bill with the old man, who had finished a little more burger and was ready to leave.
Luke looked at the clock again. He walked over to the table of college boys.

“Hey guys,’ He told them, “ We close in 15 minutes . Anything else you need?”

“Not from you,” One of the young men answered, pushing his baseball cap down over his eyes. “Fagot.”

“I- I’m sorry?” Luke said, thinking he misunderstood him.

Another one at the table stood up. “You heard us.”

“That was sick,” said a third, “Watching you and that guy. Made me wanna puke.”

The four of them were all standing by now. Luke swallowed uneasily and took a tentative step back.

“Sorry it offended you,” he said , trying to remain calm, “But you’re free to go and never come here again.”

“You telling us what to do now, fag boy?” The one in the cap shoved at Luke.

The others circled him.

“N-No,” Luke stammered out. “I –“

They did not give him a chance to say any more. The four of them attacked Luke, kicking and punching him over and over. Pain radiated in every part of his body. Luke raised his arms up and tried to protect his face from a kick. They only kicked him harder. Luke could hear them laughing as they punched him. He could taste blood. He could feel his mouth moving and trying to scream.

Then Luke’s world went black.

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Excellent, but poor Luke; with his mother, Natalie's reaction and then the four boys beating him up. I hope this doesn't make him question his decision, his Relationship with Reid. And I really hope that he doesn't push Reid away.

I know- it was a sad one. Natalie is like so many kids...parents can really do damage with their own crap.
Don't worry- I have no plans for him to push away! I could see it going in that direction, but I chose for Luke to react differently...Will try and get up the next part this week. Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate it!

1.I'm so proud of Luke and I love Lucinda!
2. Lily is a bitch! What kind of mother could do that? I could never forgive her!

Off to read what happens...

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