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Bingo- Horny and I Know IT (A Richard fic)-Part One
My Bingo fic with aljc100 -Horny and I Know It

Horny and I Know It

Standing at a slight angle, Richard stared doubtfully at his reflection in the full-length mirror that stood against the wall of his bedroom. He glanced anxiously at his watch and wondered briefly whether he had time to change, before deciding against it. If he didn’t leave for Memorial soon, he was going to be late picking up Noah.

A goofy smile flitted across Richard’s face as he thought of his – what was Noah, anyway? His boyfriend? Not exactly – and certainly not when they’d barely kissed - but they’d already been on a handful of dates, and Richard was optimistic that it might turn into something more.

The two of them had met by chance at a PT session just a few weeks after his car accident, and hit it off straight away. Still, he had heard that Noah was involved, and no one had been more surprised than Richard when Noah asked him out to Al’s.

“I thought you had a boyfriend?” Richard had asked. He’d seen Luke hovering outside the PT room on more than one occasion, waiting to pick up Noah after his appointments, and he wasn’t sure exactly where things stood between them.

“We’re on a break,” Noah had said flatly.

When Noah had called earlier that morning, asking if Richard would be able to give him a ride home from the hospital, he’d been pretty insistent that he wanted to get out of there ASAP, and especially without Luke knowing anything about it. Richard had been quick to agree, although he couldn’t help wondering whether he should have tried playing it a bit cooler. He always did this – came on too strong, and ended up scaring the guy off.

Their first date had gone pretty well, and as he’d walked Noah home afterwards he’d found himself wondering whether this could really go somewhere. Admittedly, Noah had spent most of the date talking about himself; in fact, Richard didn’t think he’d asked him a single question about what sort of stuff he was into. Come to think of it, he hadn't really had much of a chance to talk at all. Richard had been slightly disappointed with their kiss goodbye too, which had been kinda awkward and clunky, and certainly not the stuff of dreams – or the Hollywood movies Noah claimed he was one day going to make. However, Oakdale wasn’t exactly overrun with available gay men, so he’d decided to see how things went. And, so far, everything was pretty good.

“Richard, honey,” his mother called up the stairs. “Can you give me a ride to the store on your way?”

“Sure Ma, I’ll be right there!” he yelled. Pulling on his denim jacket, he ran out of the room and almost tripped right over his sister, Haley, who was lolling in the nearby window seat and grinning at him with barely concealed malevolence.

“Off to pick up your boyfriend?” Haley smirked.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but yes,” Richard retorted, before picking up the book that she’d been reading. “Hey! What the hell are you doing with this?” he demanded, narrowing his eyes. “Have you been in my room again?”

“As if. You left it lying around in the bathroom,” she cackled. “So – 101 ways to flirt, huh? How’s that working out for you?”

Richard felt himself redden, and stuffed the book into his bag.

“Shut up. At least I’ve got a boyfriend. Unlike some people.”

“You do know that Noah guy is a world class douchebag, right? I mean, he hardly wants you to visit him while he’s in hospital, and now he needs something from you, you just go running over there the minute he calls? Seriously?”

“Whatever,” Richard snapped back. He couldn’t help the nagging suspicion that his little sister had hit the nail of the head, but he wasn’t about to admit that out loud, least of all to her. “Just stay the hell out of my room, or there’ll be trouble.”

“Oh yeah? What are you going to do? Give me a wedgie? I’d like to see you try, loser,” she laughed, flipping him the bird as he retreated down the stairs.

After dropping off his mom, Richard had to speed all the rest of the way to Memorial, running a couple of red lights in the process and cursing the amount of time it took for the elevator to arrive.

Pushing open the door to Noah’s room, Richard immediately saw that he wasn’t alone. Noah was sitting on the bed; one leg tucked up underneath him, talking with someone who Richard guessed must be his doctor. Noah looked pretty happy, so Richard assumed that the doctor was also the bearer of good news. It certainly made a change from the permanent scowl that Noah seemed to be sporting every time he saw him lately.

Richard couldn’t see the doctor’s face because he had his back to the door. However, as he leaned over and shone his penlight in Noah’s eyes, his lab coat fell slightly to one side and Richard couldn’t help but let out a gasp, which he really, really hoped didn’t sound as loud as it did in his head. Man, Noah’s doctor had a killer ass, firm and muscular, and framed perfectly by a pair of black jeans. What he wouldn’t give to – shit, no! That was totally inappropriate, especially with Noah sitting right there.

Richard coughed discreetly, to alert them to his presence.

“H-Hi,” he called out, stammered nervously, his voice suddenly going up an octave as Noah’s doctor turned round to see who it was who had just come into the room. Jesus. He looked just as hot from the front, and Richard felt his mouth suddenly go dry as his gaze wandered over the doctor’s strong, authoritative profile and piercing blue eyes. He was a bit older but then again, Richard had always had a bit of a thing for older guys; he liked having somebody else in charge, and Noah’s doctor certainly looked like he knew what he was doing.

“Richard? Perfect timing,” Noah grinned. “They’re letting me go.”

“Great,” he said, feeling himself blush as Dr. Hottie stared blankly at him a moment.

Richard supposed that was pretty good news, so he smiled weakly back at them and then moved slightly so that he was standing directly behind the hot doc, giving a better look at his perfect ass.

The doctor shook hands with Noah again, and picked up his chart from the end of the bed.

“Good luck, Noah,” he said sincerely.


And with that, Dr. Hottie was gone – leaving a jubilant Noah in his wake, and a slightly deflated Richard, who couldn’t help feeling disappointed that he hadn't even merited a second glance as the doctor left the room.

“So,” he said finally, gingerly approaching Noah’s bed. “Who’s the hot doctor?”

Noah leaned forward, squinting slightly and looking puzzled.

“Dr. Oliver’s hot?” he asked, sounding slightly incredulous.

“Uh – yeah,” Richard replied, the same geeky grin plastered across his face that the last guy he had dated complained made him look like a Jack-O-Lantern.

“I – I had no idea.”

Me neither, Richard thought, I might have visited a bit more often. He stood at the foot of the bed, shifting from foot to foot as a slightly uncomfortable silence descended between them.

“So, how’re you feeling?” he eventually blurted out. “You must be pretty happy to finally be getting out of here?”

“You have no idea,” Noah laughed, reaching out and grasping Richard’s shoulder. “Hey – could you just go and see where the nurse has got to for me? She was supposed to be coming to tell me all about aftercare – you know, how to put in the eye drops, that kind of thing.”

“Sure,” Richard replied, trying not to sound too eager even though he already had one hand on the door. If he was really lucky, Dr. Oliver might even still be out there. “I’ll go find her now. Hang on.”

“I’m not going anywhere!” Noah joked lamely, and laughed.

Part two ...